Autec - 425C - 2000
Posted: 05/09/2019
Product # 1960

  • Property location sold for repurposing. Carwash is closed and Autec must go quickly.
  • Fully operational with soft cloth mitter curtains and foam side brushes
  • Hamilton converted to card works available as well ( 15-20 yrs old & has been totally refurbished )
  • Blowers already sold
  • After we refurbished just about everything it has washed around 2500 cycles
  • Control Panel- General Electric
  • It has 4 different carwash cycles and 6 chemical functions.
  • Trifoam, Spot Free, R/O rinse, wheel wash, and undercarriage
  • The hydraulic is oil based but can be water based if wanted
  • It also has a tank heater for hydraulics

Condition: Refurbished

Location: TX

On 05/09/2019 the equipment performed 1 car washes

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