PDQ - Laser 360 (2) - 2013
Posted: 03/05/2018
$39,900 Each
Product # 1036

  • Both machines have two onboard blowers.
  • these machines are in excelent condition and have 120000 washes each
  • they can be sold seperately.
  • they are both currently still washing cars and will be removed on march 6th to be replace with new 360 PLUSES.
  • all inbay signs and entrance signs go with the units
  • Access unit with stand and credit card only-- add $3600
  • Tri Foam, Super seal, Bug prep
  • Production rinse arch
  • Both updated with Titan boards
  • Both updated with Emperor pumps
  • High volume rinse arch

Condition: Very​ Good

Location: Washington- state

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