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Coleman Hanna - Fusion X - 2016
Posted: 07/18/2019
Product # 1736

  • High Pressure Undercarriage Spray System
  • Wheel Scrub Brushes
  • Rollover Design Mounted on Gantry Tracks
  • Stainless Steel Frame and Gantry
  • (3) Three Soft Touch Brushes with SparkleSoft Wash Material
  • Water Wizard 2.0™ High Pressure Wash with Oscillating Scrubbing Action Nozzles
  • Zero Degree Oscillating Nozzle in top HP Wash Boom
  • High Pressure Rocker Panel Sprayers On-Board
  • Cat 3535 Pump 25 HP motor 35 GPM 1200 PSI
  • Direct System Injector (DSI) System
  • Independent Delivery Manifold for Presoak and Spot Free
  • Manual Controls for Gantry Operation
  • Web Enabled for Complete Remote Access to System Controls
  • Height Adjustment System


Jim Coleman - EFusion - 2008
Posted: 07/09/2019
$14,400 For everything PRICE REDUCED
Product # 1647

  • What's Included: pump stand
  • ecc control panel
  • Spot free rinse system
  • Water softener
  • Gantry
  • Boom with wall panel
  • Entrance arch with signage
  • Stop and go light
  • Undercarriage bar with eye boxes
  • Treadle plate with eye boxes
  • Options: Presoak
  • Triple Foam
  • Low Wax
  • Tire Cleaner
  • Spot Free
  • Cat Pump u[grade Cat 3535
  • On Board Blowers
  • entry wizard 3.0 with stainless base from another location that needs the credit card software updated from coleman to work, needs MARS Bill acceptor and needs coin hopper.
  • Only things that don’t work that I know of are the spot free production motor is out, and the booster pump for low pressure functions needs to be rebuilt. We didn’t need the booster pump because city pressure is enough for everything to work. Also the blue eco lab chemical pumps are not working for the tire cleaner, 2 of the triple foam tanks, and the mitter. We didn’t use tire cleaner, only used water for the mitter, and only used one tank of the foamy conditioner.
  • Video of car wash in operation upon email request! ( )


Jim Coleman - 07000 - 2008
Posted: 02/17/2019
Product # 1806

  • Treadle
  • Reclaim Valve
  • Under Carriage Valve
  • E-Chain in place of wall boom
  • Triple Shine
  • 36 GPM pump stand with CAT 3535 pump and Grundfos Booster
  • 4E Blue Chemical Pumps
  • Tire Cleaner
  • Scrolling Sign
  • Wheel Scrub with High Pressure
  • High Pressure Sides
  • Low Pressure Wax
  • Door Output Card
  • Texting and Web Server
  • Treadle, Guides, Rails
  • Spot Free Arch on board and vale-No System Provided


Jim Coleman - Fusion X - 2015
Posted: 11/08/2018
Product # 1502

  • Slightly used soft touch OR touchless FusionX
  • Well maintained, no issues at all!
  • Upgraded to conveyor. .
  • Stored inside since removed