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Econocraft - Flex Wraps & Top Brush & Poodle & Flood Rinse - 2012
Posted: 04/29/2019
$16,200 Flat
Product # 1710

  • Econocraft FLEXWRAP - wraparound & van high side brushes (4 brushes total) built on one base, plus top brush, plus high pressure flood rinse
  • Equipment already disassembled, buyer responsible for loading and transport
  • Highly maintained - cleaned twice per week, foam very new
  • Excellent performance, covers and cleans entire car
  • Four brushes on one base (two wraparound, two van high), soft foam flex wrap - saves space!
  • New foam installed 2016
  • Bearings greased twice weekly
  • Top brush also included, very wide, performs great cleaning, with new clean blue and white foam
  • Wide top brush also included, new foam
  • Flood rinse arch also included - high pressure rinse, great for washing cars after brushes before polish
  • Full CLEANING equipement - poodle brushes, top brush, 4 flex wraps, high pressure flood rinse
  • No poodle brushes included