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Magic Wand - Magic Spray - 2005
Posted: 07/26/2018
Product # 1468

  • several Magic Spray pumping units for sale
  • All have 3535 cat pumps and the CPU panels


Magic Wand - Nexus Parts
Posted: 04/23/2017
Product # AJN1

  • Mfg. 2005
  • Magic Wand Nexus touchfree parts
  • Pump stand assembly containing 3535 CAT pump, drive motor, stainless steel tank for rinse water, soaps and waxes, control panel and computer CPU and operator interface touch screen. Watlow tank heaters for prespray and soap
  • Valve manifolds for tri-foam, presoak, waxes
  • Gantry bridge drive motors.
  • Gantry oscillator spray wash motors and spray nozzles
  • Outside stop and go light
  • Mercury activated treadles; underspray, in-place, backup
  • Overhead gantry backlit sign
  • Yellow powder coated aluminum guide rails
  • Stainless steel gantry travel track
  • Gantry travel track recirculating heat system
  • undercarriage spray piping system
  • Flowjet model G57 pumps
  • Blue White tri-foam injection pumps
  • miscellaneous hoses, fittings, solenoids, motor starters/overloads etc


Magic Wand - Nexus - 2003
Posted: 03/15/2017
Product # 1970

  • Monthly Maintanence
  • Dryers
  • Tri Foam
  • Currently in operation.
  • Contact for pics