Sonnys - Various - 2015
Posted: 01/09/2023
$22,800 sale Pending 1/20
Product # 3952

  • Tunnel equipment High pressure prep guns Signs. Neutral no brake, Bug prep, lava arch, wash selection 2 Wrap foam Triple conditioner. 2 set full side gyro wrap, Front to back mitter, Van high wrap, Water fall rinse bar, Hot wax arch, Side to side mitter, Rocker panel brushes, tire shine machine, power pack (Hanna), 3 stand alone vacuums, 30 hp electric motor, 2 vacuum turbine producers, 2 vacuum separators, 1 25hp vacuum electric motor, other miscilanieus equipment, spare parts, and back room items
  • Can separate if necessary
  • More pictures & videos available

Condition: Parts​ Only

Location: GA

On 10/22/2022 the equipment performed 100 car washes

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