• Extremely gentle to today's soft clearcoat cars
  • Inhibits water absorption
  • Resists grit, non scratching
  • Non absorption means lighter, cleaner material
  • Out cleans, out lasts, and out performs conventional cloth
  • All aluminum C-Channel means quick and easy installation. Slide in, slide out for quick replacement
  • Neoglide is a soft but durable foam sponge material that has been proven through the years to be very durable but gentle to your car. Other materials have been know to leave your car dull and hazy looking, while Neoglide actually polishes your car to a gleaming shine
  • Neoglide is "car-friendly." The material will not snag on any kind of awkward grill or vehicle accessories such as fishing pole racks, rear-view mirrors, winches, even police car ramming bumpers
  • Neoglide has a phenomenal effect on all kinds of painted surfaces and specifically designed to enhance the appearance of automobile exteriors
  • The increased volume of material when compared to conventional cloth allows for minimal loss of material without sacrificing effectiveness of the material

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AVW - Neoglide cloth - 2023
Posted: 03/26/2024
$1,801 Price neg.
Product # 4192

  • New assembled wrap hub with Neoglide , only used as a temp for 3 weeks while waiting for new wrap order that just came in. Excellent shape, just bolts on with 4 bolts. This is for wrap hub & Neoglide cloth only, no motor mount ect.


Neo Glides - Softgloss Neoglide brushes - 2019
Posted: 07/09/2020
Product # 2551

  • Full set almost new