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Dralco Rug Beater - JB3866-83AG - 2015
Posted: 08/11/2023
Product # 4453

  • Dralco - Carpet, Mat Cleaner
  • 1/3Hp motor with 5 to 1 gearbox
  • Stainless steel exterior with Rug Beater Decals
  • 120V AC 60Hz
  • Ideal for cleaning thin or thick mats up to 34 inch wide
  • Cleans: Sand, dirt, ice, snow, ground-in dirt, dog hair, grass, food stains (with stain remover)
  • 34 Inch Rug Cleaner The Dralco Rug Beater is a rug beater for used to clean vehicle carpet mats. This version requires no payment to operate so it can be used in detail shops or offered as a free service at car washes. Constructed with stainless-steel to withstand heavy use. A push button start turns the machine on and a built-in safety feature stops operation to protect hands. Simply feed one end of the rug and pull it back out. Flip the rug and insert again to clean the other end.


J-KO - BBX - 2019
Posted: 04/07/2022
$4,320 Buyer Pays Shipping
Product # 3584

  • 55"H x 37"W x 31"D
  • Two high-speed brushes
  • Power: 110V (20amps)
  • Speed: 10 seconds per mat
  • Emergency Stop/Kill Switch
  • Weight: 350lbs
  • Using durable, high-speed brushes, the BB-X provides a simple, fast and powerful clean for car wash customers.
  • Two available Price for both