Connecting buyers and sellers of good pre-owned car wash equipment.

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We can assist with arranging removal, freight and installation.

Purchasing Equipment

Astromatic, Inc. has been in the car wash industry since 1965. Our experience and knowledge can help you purchase the equipment best suited for your needs at a fraction of the cost. In addition, Astromatic, Inc can locate the closest service company to provide you with the best support.

Selling Equipment

Car Wash Consignment, LLC exhibits at most major car wash conventions and advertises in most major car wash magazines. As a result of this intense advertising for our car wash parts and equipment sales, our national and international network of dealers, service companies, and customers will assure quick sales of your equipment.

Terms of Sale:

  • Please read the disclaimer before proceeding.
  • Car Wash Consignment, LLC will hold the machine from selling for no more than 3 working days. A bank check or money order must be sent promptly, or a wire transfer must be complete within 3 days of confirming your desire to purchase the equipment. Unless arrangements are made due to uncontrollable circumstances, the equipment is then considered available for sale. If others are waiting in line to purchase the equipment, they receive the same 3 day holding period.
  • Equipment must be paid in full before the equipment can be shipped.
  • All sales are final 
  • Upon special arrangements, a deposit to hold a machine, and financing is available.
  • Contact Car Wash Consignment, LLC to discuss the equipment of interest.
  • Seller will be paid with a company check from Car Wash Consignment, LLC. There will be a $40 charge for funds sent over night or via wire transfer.
  • Seller is responsible for packing and loading of all equipment.

Please email us at sales@carwashconsignment.com with your product listing. If you are interested in buying or selling please contact 1-361-387-1357 x400. Some of the items you may want to include are:

  • Manufacturer name and model of equipment
  • State where equipment is located
  • Car count
  • Whether this is a touchless or brush system
  • Name and phone number
  • Email address

*Listing Note: Please be sure to use the Categories provided in our system. If a user creates their own category for an item they are trying to list it will not be visible upon approval. If you are unsure of where to put your equipment there are Misc. options for each category.