Oasis - I5 - 2017
Posted: 08/14/2020
$6,000 Sale Pending 7/14
Product # 2596

  • Installed in April 2017,
  • Insurance claim on equipment April 2020.
  • see incident here: www.peachykleen.com/blog
  • enough parts and pieces were cosmetically damaged, or marred that the insurance totaled the machine, but the oasis distributor actually ran it through all the functions and it all worked.
  • Newest Allen Bradly control set with touch screen (remote control via phone)
  • Tripple foam
  • Bug Off
  • Buy up technology enabled
  • I'm repurposing the dryers, and undercarriage bar for my new mini tunnel. Also, the back-plane with the power and pump-stand control is being repurposed.
  • Front arms and a few of the skins must be replaced.

Condition: Fair

Location: Perry UT

On 08/14/2020 the equipment performed 37577 car washes

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