Belanger - Vector - 2005
Posted: 05/24/2022
Product # 3670

  • Brand New Rails!
  • Tri-Foam Pods
  • New ButterFly motor-gearbox assembly
  • Mechanically in great condition
  • Still in operation washing 35 cars a day
  • Replacing with new unit
  • Does NOT include Dryer, Signage, or Pay-Station, Undercarriage
  • Pneumatic Manifold
  • Vector Wall Manifold Water Heater
  • Vector Pumping Station (NEWLY REPLACED!)
  • Buyer responsible for pick up or shipping
  • Video of wash in operation available
  • Installation and Start Guide
  • Operations and Maintenance Guide
  • Wil be removed by 7/29/2022
  • Vector E300 Electronic User Interface
  • Virtual Positioning System. Pager Communications Function.
  • This machine has been maintained extremely well, lots of preventative maintenance!
  • Video HERE!

Condition: Good

Location: NY

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