Kwik kleen - Brushless
Posted: 01/24/2020
Product # 2344

  • Working & Running when removed from local Ford Dealership. Aug, 2018
  • Complete wash
  • model # J1816HLL
  • Includes Everything that was attached to , with in the same Bay area
  • The Hanging Rack mounted to block wall , removed. Rack Frame / all metal & alumuinm frameing , then there's the 3 piece U shaped with PVC water lines . And mounted on top. Is the Electrical motor and a pump. All intack.
  • Control Box panel 220v, model# J1816hll . Serval Water filters, theres a pool filter ,
  • All the electrical wiring is rolled up.
  • All water lines are cleaned
  • There's also a 300 gallon plastic Tank

Condition: Good

Location: Evans, GA

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